A certain idea of a Châteauneuf-du-Pape

For us, winemaking is first and foremost about making the best grape possible, we try to keep our grape’s identity after it has been harvested.  This means that a great amount of attention is given to our vines, through regular work on the soil and mechanical weeding.


From 2017 onwards, the entire vineyard is undergoing conversion to « organic farming”. A label which will formally recognize a form of production which has been in fact used on the Domaine since its beginning.


From the start of the Domaine we have called on the expertise of Claude and Lydia Bourguignon to fully understand the composition of our soil.

Our grapes are entirely hand-harvested and our semi-buried tanks allow us to move the grapes using only gravity. This allow to not push our grapes too hardly, from harvesting to ageing.


In our cellars, soft extractions allow for the fruit’s nature to be preserved as well as its strength in flavor. As a follow-up to this approach, aging operations are only carried out in large containers. The barrel’s wood emphasizes the fruit’s expression without ever dominating it. The specific identity of our terroir then meets the fruitiness of grenache, backed by Syrah and Mourvèdre. When bottling, our wine is very slightly filtered, so as to not alter its finesse and subtlety.